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About my work

I have been called The Branding Plastic Surgeon, because I thrive on boosting brands to make them look attractive for their audiences.
Don't you want to have a flirtatious brand?

What I do

Design brand personalities, make them smile to their target, to create unforgettable brand experiences

What I love

To find those specific elements, the perfect colour, the right font and proportions that define a unique brand personality. It's like creating your best fit!

What I believe in

Law of Attraction: "Stand out from the crowd, be yourself". - Stephen Richards.

Main Features

These are some of my Clinic Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

Xtreme Makeover

Revamping brands to an updated look, based on trends, brand history and consumers' expectations

Shape Builder

Top Creative Sources to design innovative communication tools that make brands desirable

Blood Pressure Test

An Strategic Procedure to measure the USP's vitality and awareness of your brand

Emergency Service

Discover our 24/7 On-call creative service to attend any last minute design issue

Psychoanalysis for Brands

Analysing brand issues to develop Creative Strategies for successful performances

Just Diagnosis

Meaningful brand evaluation or leading third parties creative process by the Design Consulting Service

Why choose Me?

Experience makes a difference!

A strong strategic background plus a passion for creativity it's the combination that would let you find those great results that your brand requires, fast and at affordable price.

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My Services

I have created strong brands, and I've made surgery to many others, so I've had a lot of fun!
I want to show you some cases:

Brand Development

From the uniqueness design of a logo to the development of strong branding personalities, will make brands grow healthy and attractive.

Creative Direction

My experience developing powerful concepts and leading top creative teams ensure that creative strategies of customers get well executed.

Marketing Strategies

The marketing knowledge plus my designer point of view allow me to be innovative not only in your brand communication but into the marketing mix.

Consulting Design

Creative evaluation of your past projects, or to lead and supervise creative developments of other professionals.

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My Surgery Cases


Bancaribe Curaçao Bank N.V.

logo design

Client: Bancaribe Curaçao Bank, N.V.

Project: Logotype design, inpired by the concept of saving. The isotype represents a bill getting into an active moneybox, where savings are not static, on the contrary are in constant movement to make them grow.

The development of the brand guidelines as well as design all their forms, templates and letterheads.

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magazine ad

Project: The final benefit of this service is to help companies to dispose their e-waste in a safe way, getting money from it, emptying those areas of old stuffs, finding as a result more space for people as well as contributing in that global need of having a better and cleaner planet.

The project was to design a creative communication for the brand with a human approach, avoiding a hi-tech communication as it was the style of their competitors.

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Sergio Jaua

New Year message

Project: 2013 New year email message sent to clients, prospect clients, and friends, as an invitation to use creativity as a main tool to face up the new year.

The message got great attention being answered by 38% of the list of receivers and also 15% of the list requested quotes and proposals.

Signature Vacations

Travel magazine

Project: The main objective of this project was to revamp the look of the annual brochure of this travel brand into a magazine look, adding articles and a new layout to engage readers.

The succesful result of this project worked as the start-point of the new repositioning for this 40 years old brand.

The style and layout of this magazine was taken as the brand guidelines to refresh its brand personality .

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Entretintos Placeres

wine tasting game

Due to the worldwide growing trend of drinkig wine, the objective of this project was to create a game for adults-only, to teach people a simple and enjoyable way to taste a compare wines.

In the form of a game, it allows people to have fun and share a wine taste experience with friends, finding among them characteristics, similarities and differences of the wines they selected without knowing the brands.

The project start from creating the name of the game, instructions, packaging label, bags for the bottles, etc

Caucagua especial

chocolate bar

The Ipea Caucagua Foundation in Venezuela works as a home and school for girls with mental dissabilities who have been abandoned.

The foundation was running a program to teach the girls making a chocolate bar, as a job development and a fonding initiative.

As a volunteer project, I developed the design of the brand as well as the labels and banners for the program.


Teppanyaki & Sushi bar

Design of a logo for this new japanese restaurant, inside of the five-star, Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino.

Design of its menu in 5 languages, including the design of a leather cover-folder, internal cover, and all its pages.


International Conference

In charge of the visual image for the Scotiabank International Conference 2013, with the presence of 39 countries.

Design of the invitation (digital and printed), banners for entrance and decor of the room, generic slides for the presentations, as well as bumper slides for each international area: Latinamerica, Asia and Caribbean .

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Velas Resorts


In a joint venture with Signature Vacations, this project was about developing a brochure to market the Velas Resorts.

This top brand of properties targets vacationers who search for luxury in their all-inclusive vacation.

The brochure design has helped to reach the expected goals for Velas Resorts and Signature Vacations.

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CIVEA Chamber of Alcohol Industries

Consciousness-raising Campaign

Created and presented a logo and a campaign idea which won a pitch of the Chamber of Alcohol Industries for the development of a massive consciousness-raising campaign on responsible alcohol consumption.

Once the idea was approved, I was in charge of the supervision and production managing of the campaign. For which we called a casting, and locations scouting for each campaign-image.

These four concepts were used for traditional medias like magazines, neewspapers and billboards, as well as digital efforts like social media, internet banners, and email marketing campaign. The campiagn was also used as a bottonline tagline for other liquor ads reaching a great further exposure.

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Candy Jazz

Dance School

Inspire by Art Nouveau figures, this logo was designed in the earliest nineties, and it's uniqueness make it still look as an actual modern logo.

The visual idea is to represent a professional dancer, whose pose is guided by lines like a marionette. These lines are the techniques and knowledge delivered by the school

This simple but meaningful logo has last more than 20 years and has become a symbol of dedication and effort in shaping great dancers.

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Vacation Express


Project: Due to this new magazine-brochure was going to be delivered not only to travel agents but to potential consumers, the main objective of this project was to redesign the look of the annual brochure of this US travel brand into a magazine look, by adding articles as well as new more diverse layout.

The result was an engaging publication which style and layouts were used for the annual campaign of the brand.

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Bellini Bar


Project: To design a logo for a beach bar, located inside of the Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Spa.

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Bancaribe 10K


Project: To design a logo for a 10k running race sponsored by Bancaribe, one of the biggest banks in Venezuela

The idea was to create a fresh image to engage runners and people in general to participate.

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Alex Bread & Deli


Project: Create a brand for a stylish bakery and deli store.

The project includes not only the design of the logo, but to develop all the brand elements, colour combination, font, and layout concept, for the design of the facade, stickers, uniforms, menu, etc.

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Something Special

Relaunch Campaign

After 10 years with no exposure this brand was relaunched with this visual concept (first 2 images) and the message "Get inmerse into the pleasure".

The first campaign was also used in 10 other countries in Latin America and Caribbean area.

After the successful results of the first campaign, was launched the second one (images 3, 4 and 5) in 15 countries at the following year under the same slogan with sensual images of beautiful women. The brand got great attention and increase its awraeness by 8% compared to the previous year.

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What people say

  • “I like Sergio's professional knowledge and quick understanding of my branding requirements, as well as his design style. In my opinion he just needs to be discovered, lots of design experience and little exposure in this market yet. I would definitely recommend him because I know who ever I recommend him to, will thank me later..„

    Joe Rawas / Manager at Rawas China & Gifts

  • “"Sergio is a highly creative person who takes great direction and gets the job done well and on-time. He is an honest and professional designer who will meet your deadlines or will not take the work. I would rated Sergio 11 out of 10 and I would recommend him without a question.".„

    Xavier Mesrobian / Vice President Sales and Marketing at Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc.

SERGIO JAUA will make you find those great results that your brand requires. Let me know about your creative needs!

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